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Please accept this letter of gratitude for the excellent service your company has provide us over the past few years. As you know, in our business, time is of the essence in many instances with deadlines that need to be fulfilled. Guaranteed Express has done an outstanding job of helping our people meet their deadlines by delivering urgent documents in a timely manner holding true to our expected delivery times. We look forward to our continued relationship with your company and people.

Jonathan Ruiz, Operations Senior Associate Grant Thornton, LLP September 7, 2016

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Guaranteed Express is a privately held Woman Owned business that has become a leading logistics solution expert. We provide freight and small package delivery services, warehouse and distribution solutions, freight forwarding as well as other specialized logistics services for our clients.  Our diverse range of services allows us to accommodate  national organizations as well as small local business. Our focus on results, integrity and a never ending commitment to client satisfaction has made us a valued partner. Our flexibility allows us to pivot quickly with the needs of our clients and our value-added services provide you with solutions that are cost-effective and all-encompassing.


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Want a trustworthy logistics partner that understands your business needs?  Want your products transported urgently and have confidence that it will happen as promised?  Guaranteed Express, Inc. is the right logistics partner for you. From basic document, small package and legal courier services to product logistics, storage and fulfillment, Guaranteed ...

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