Excellent Service

Please accept this letter of gratitude for the excellent service your company has provide us over the past few years. As you know, in our business, time is of the essence in many instances with deadlines that need to be fulfilled. Guaranteed Express has done an outstanding job of helping our people meet their deadlines by delivering urgent documents in a timely manner holding true to our expected delivery times. We look forward to our continued relationship with your company and people.

Jonathan Ruiz, Operations Senior Associate Grant Thornton, LLP September 7, 2016

GREAT Decision

I was touring our warehouse today and one of my Team members, Ken Thompson, shared some feedback about your company. He said, “The decision to switch the Daily Pick Up in Lewisville to GEX was a GREAT decision. Paul and Marvin are great drivers and they are always here when they say they’ll be here. I don’t have to run back and forth to the office to make copies of paperwork as I just have to sign their phone. They are very helpful and they get the job done quickly and I appreciate it.”

Jennifer, you and your entire Team work your tails off to deliver a Superior Service Experience to my Team and that is why GEX is our carrier of choice for our Local DFW P&D Needs. Thank your Team for us and tell them to keep up the great work!

BJ Rodgers, Regional Director Trans-Expedite - DFW September 7, 2016

Best in the Industry!

I am writing to compliment you on the fine service, attention to detail and kindness I experienced with the shipment and your two drivers this past week. It is evident that you have trained them to be a cut above the best in the industry and I feel compelled to acknowledge their excellence. You, Tiffany and Mike, also went out of your way and were very nice and so I was positive this will be well received. I wish you and your teams every success and thank you for the level of support that made my trip to Frisco so positively memorable.


Maier Shadi The Audio Salon Transportation & Logistics Services April 2, 2018

Hands Down the Best Driver!

I would like to take the time out to give praise to one of your drivers. I am not sure his last name other than it starts with a B. Justin is hands down the best driver we have had come to our office. He is polite and professional, he needs no direction or help with his truck, and he’s quick and efficient. We really appreciate everything he does for us and are so grateful to have him as our main driver. I think he deserves someone to take the time to compliment his work, because he is just awesome! 😊

Jennifer Grant Inventory Clerk, Central Texas Field Supply Chain Arlington, TX May 11, 2018

Recommend 100 out of 100 Times

My client had an issue with a freight shipment being delayed from it's scheduled Friday delivery time. This caused the freight company to hold the shipment until Monday, when it's release would be too late - my client's event was starting on Sunday at 6pm and needed the package by Noon. I needed to find a courier to pick up the package from the freight company and deliver it to the hotel.

I Googled dozens of couriers, most weren't open. Called the ones that were open, and nobody could accommodate the timeline.

Then, it happened...

I called Jennifer at 7pm on a Saturday - and she was able to make arrangements - and the package was delivered to my client by 10am on Sunday. Amazing service, Jennifer was immediately on-board and seemed comfortable with the situation, which instilled confidence in me that this issue would be resolved, smoothly and in timely fashion. I was able to relay this confidence to my client on Saturday evening, so we were able to rest a bit easier.

I would recommend Jennifer and Guaranteed Express 100 times out of 100.

Dan Pyle Strategic Account Manager - Non-Profit Conference & Trade Show Partner at Madison Avenue Incorporated Baltimore, Maryland Area May 14, 2018

Essential Time Saving Tool, GX is Saving Fish Lives!

Every #smallbiz owner and #CEO in #DFW should contact Guaranteed Express to open an account now, and you will use this service as an essential time saving tool.

I bought an HP Color laser printer on eBay for local pickup. GX picked up the 50 lb printer and delivered it to my door same day for a reasonable rate. I've had paychecks delivered to our Fort Worth office within an hour when I was scheduled for an appt. in another part of the metroplex.

Here's my most recent experience -- Today.
I have an established 220g saltwater reef tank with 20+ tropical fish, coral & more. The main pump failed early this am and placed the whole tank in jeopardy. Several hours passed before the stores opened. I found the replacement pump only at one DFW store. I called GX and they sent a person to pick up the pump and deliver it to me within an hour while I had hosted an int'l conference call! GX is an excellent way solve two issues at one time. Reliable, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Caring -- GX is DFW's Premium Service Courier. They saved many lives today and we're all grateful.

Sharon Sutila CEO, Cluso Dallas, TX May 14, 2018

Amazing Service Today!

"I am writing to express my amazement at the service I received today from your company, and specifically the courier, Dennis. I had a last minute delivery for a high priority business document that if not delivered in a short window, would have negatively impacted our business. When a computer outage effected Dennis' ability to confirm digitally, he returned to get a paper form to get the recipients signature, then immediately returned that signed document to me in person for my ease of mind and excellent service. We are indebted to Guaranteed Express and will always choose you for our delivery needs."


Eric J. Hirschhorn Bloomfield KnobleAdvertising Irving, TX September 24, 2018

“Superb” Service

Just a note of thanks. Our Team has had a number of deadline type situations over the past week and we have used Guaranteed Express each time and more than once the comment has come back to us that the service was “superb”.

Please pass along to your folks that their great work does not go unnoticed.

Kevin T Senior VP/?Wealth Management Advisor/Merrill Lynch Frisco, TX September 18, 2019

Excellent Service No Matter the Situation

Over the past year I have worked with carriers from the East to West coast and everywhere in between and one company I know I can count on in any situation is Guaranteed Express.  Jennifer and her team are prompt, reliable and have excellent, proactive customer service at a time when those qualities are needed most.  Guaranteed Express doesn’t keep me guessing and provides timely feedback and excellent service no matter the situation.  I know that if I use Guaranteed Express that the job is going to get done the right way with a level of trust, transparency and reliability that is hard to match in today’s industry.


Sean Kidder Import Operations Specialist/Global Logistical Connections, Inc. Torrance, CA March 3, 2020

Guaranteed Express is first on our list to call

Our team has been working with Guaranteed Express for just about a year, and had a working relationship for a couple of years. Our needs are very specific and tedious at times, however they created a model that works for us and our customer. We coordinate shipments from luxury retailers in Florida and Ohio over to Dallas/Fort Worth airport, ultimately to be transported to Hawaii for store replenishments. These shipments can come in a full 53’ trailer at all hours of the day. Jennifer and her team coordinate with us, and send a driver to inspect and count all of the freight, and ultimately tender on to an aircraft for departure to Oahu and Maui. Their drivers and office team are extremely communicative and attentive with us all week, and very organized with our paperwork. Any time a different opportunity comes up for our company in Dallas, Guaranteed is first on my list to call, and will continue to be.

Travis Hayes Jet Delivery San Bernardino, CA March 10, 2020

Highly Recommend Them!!

We enjoy working with the team at Guaranteed Express. They are at the top when it comes to professionalism, communication, and customer service experience. Highly recommend them!!

Chad Shearer Owner Indianapolis, IN June 18, 2020

Long Standing Partnership

Guaranteed Express has handled our most time sensitive and urgent deliveries in the Dallas area. We have only had superior service and communication throughout all transactions/interactions which is needed in the Trade Show industry. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others and looking forward to a long standing partnership

Kelly N. Owner/President Las Vegas, NV June 18, 2020

Always Come Through For Me

Excellent Service. Outstanding Company. I highly recommend this company as your service to move documents, envelopes and more in the DFW Metroplex when same day makes all the difference. All DFW Business owners should have an account set up with GX because they will get the job done the same day and they care about their customers. I've had an account for several years and they have always come through for me, and they'll do the same for you.

Sharon S. Owner/President Dallas, TX June 18, 2020

Last Minute Legal Filing

A last minute legal file needed to be delivered to a Judge at the courthouse in Travis County, and the courier got it there in plenty of time. I highly recommend this company. Very nice young man.

Brian T Owner/President Waco, TX June 19, 2020

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