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Please accept this letter of gratitude for the excellent service your company has provide us over the past few years. As you know, in our business, time is of the essence in many instances with deadlines that need to be fulfilled. Guaranteed Express has done an outstanding job of helping our people meet their deadlines by delivering urgent documents in a timely manner holding true to our expected delivery times. We look forward to our continued relationship with your company and people.

Jonathan Ruiz, Operations Senior Associate Grant Thornton, LLP September 7, 2016

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jennifer_headshots_maggshots_photography-2As the President of Guaranteed Express, Jennifer Blakeney facilitates the success of her clients by providing world class logistical solutions. She has over 20 years of transportation and logistics experience. Her approach to the transportation industry was developed through her rise within the same company she now owns. Following her start as an assistant in 1998 and realizing she appreciated the challenges of the transportation industry, she formulated her plan to become an expert in her field. From the very beginning of her career, she’s maintained that clients need solutions that encompass great service from a friendly staff and results they can count on, allowing her to be creative and discover unique approaches that resolve a variety of clientele transportation related issues. This has afforded her the ability to be flexible and continue a commitment to evolve with her clients, which has been her key to success.

Since 2013, Jennifer has been actively volunteering with the Women’s Business Council Southwest and mentoring other women business owners. She has served on various committees including the Certification Committee and numerous individual event committees which recently earned her the “WBE Volunteer of the Year Award” by the Women’s Business Council Southwest. Jennifer also serves as a Board Member for the Dallas Executive’s Association, a local networking organization where her company has been a member for more than 21 years.

2015 Lillie Knox Award Winner

Transportation and Logistics company wins Lillie Knox Award 2015

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