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Please accept this letter of gratitude for the excellent service your company has provide us over the past few years. As you know, in our business, time is of the essence in many instances with deadlines that need to be fulfilled. Guaranteed Express has done an outstanding job of helping our people meet their deadlines by delivering urgent documents in a timely manner holding true to our expected delivery times. We look forward to our continued relationship with your company and people.

Jonathan Ruiz, Operations Senior Associate Grant Thornton, LLP September 7, 2016

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Guaranteed Express joins WBCSouthwest for BusinessWorks! 2018

On September 6, 2018 we enjoyed a productive day of networking, catching up with friends, clients and partners at the September 6TH Women’s Business Council Southwest BusinessWorks! Trade Fair.  Attending this yearly event gives us additional opportunities to work within the WBE network.

What Makes This Event Great

The Business Works event has become a favorite of ours each year.  After setting up our booth, we have the pleasure of listening to Thear Suzuki  of Ernst & Young during the luncheon. Read more about her journey here.   Additionally, during the half day of the trade show and fair we had the opportunity to introduce potential new clients and vendors to our services.  Just as importantly, we caught up with current clients that we miss during everyone’s busy schedules.  We always make opportunity to visit other booths to see what they’re looking for in new vendors and if there are any upcoming projects that Guaranteed Express Inc. can help with. As a result of attending this vent each year, our business has increased significantly.  More than half of our business involves other WBEs and Corporate sponsors of the WBENC.

Matchmaker Meetings

Because this event features one-on-one matchmaker meetings with corporate buyers, its’ an event that is especially important.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your goods and services in a setting where you have the full attention of the  buyer. It’s always exciting to sign up as a WBE for the matchmaker meetings and then find out you’ company has been selected for a meeting.

Who is the Winner?

Many visitors came to our booth to learn more about how we can facilitate all their transportation and logistics needs. We encouraged each visitor to enter a drawing for a mini Bluetooth speaker. As a result, more than 30 people entered the drawing at the trade Fair.  Watch the video here to see who the winner is! #wbcsouthwest #transportation #winner #goodluck #logisticalsolutions #gxcourier#success #womanowned #actintentional

We are looking forward to 2019!

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